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Commercial/Private Insurance

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Housecalls Using Commercial / Private Insurance

Doctors making housecalls is an "in-network" provider for all Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna insurance plans. We file all insurance forms and, for convenience, we accept payment by credit card for deductibles or co-pays, if applicable. Doctors Making Housecalls charges a “trip fee” of $150.00 when we see patients in a private residence, which compensates our physicians for their travel time.  We waive the fee when we see multiple patients on a scheduled visit in a business, retirement community, or other communal setting.

Our trip charge is not covered by insurance. Insurance companies consider it a charge for “convenience” and therefore not medically necessary.  We bill the fee to your credit card on the day of your appointment.

Our professional fees — what our physicians charge for their services — are dictated by your insurance company. They are comparable to those of office-based physicians in the same specialty.  The actual charge for a visit varies according to the time our physician spends, which depends on the number and complexity of your medical problem(s).

If the physician orders laboratory tests or radiologic procedures, whoever performs those services will bill you separately. Your insurance carrier will pay those fees just as they would if they were ordered from a typical office practice.

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